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Rustic Union Mills Maryland Real Wedding

It is not unusual for a bride to plan her wedding around a theme. In fact, this makes that the planning and organization much simpler and cohesive. Most of the time, it is romantic or sentimental. When Margret and Justin got married, they were looking for something to tie together rustic and vintage. They realized right way that the venue choice would make it easier to happen. You just get natural inspiration when you have the right surroundings. They got married at Union Mills Homestead which was built in 1797. It is located in Union Mills Maryland and has been the Shriver family homestead for six generations. It is now a working grist mill museum dedicated to preserving American culture. It produces stone ground whole wheat flour, corn meal as well as other products. Visitors are taught about the equipment in the mill as well as treated to a demonstration of flour production. Margret and Justin had definitely found a unique place to get married that fit their desire their desire to blend rustic and vintage. Now all they had to do was plan their wedding but since the venue was so ideal it all fell into place. rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-23 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-2 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-3 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-5 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-24

Let's first start with the bridal party. The bride had a beautiful strapless gown that flared out on the bottom. It was quite unusual because it had layers that formed ruffles in the skirt. The men did not wear suits but simply vests. The bridesmaids wore short dresses that were very festive instead of being just one color. The groom wore a red tie and the bride wore blue shoes. These elements fit into the second part of their theme.

rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-6 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-25 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-8 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-7 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-9 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-26 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-10 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-11 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-12 rustic wedding ceremony rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-14 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-17 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-15 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-16 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-21

At the reception, the second part of the theme took over. They did not have typical decorations but it was perfect for the venue and their theme. They had picnic tables decorated with over sized balloons and centerpieces of vintage medicine bottles. They also had striped popcorn bags on the tables. The guests found their table seating on a giant easel and the cards looked like old movie tickets. How unique is that?

rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-20 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-18 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-27 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-19 rustic-union-mills-maryland-real-wedding-trendy-bride-28 rustic weddings

Each element of their nuptials fit together to tell the story of their special day. When you get married, the two become one and the best time to start the process is for the wedding. You both have ideas of what you want but you have to compromise so that you are both satisfied with the result. As you can see, Justin and Margret were able to blend two different themes into one by choosing the right venue and paying attention to the details. Talk to each other. Listen to each other and plan together and you will have an absolutely amazing wedding day.

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