Rustic Country Le San Michele Buda Texas Real Wedding

There is always a story. There is always a meaning behind everything. When Michelle and Russel got married in Buda, Texas, it was all about peacocks and penguins. They do like to do things a little bit differently but there was a story to explain why they made these animals their wedding theme. If you are a DIY bride like Michelle, it makes it easier to plan your day around a theme. rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-8 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-9 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-10 rustic texas real weddings rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-11

First let's start with the peacock. Why not? They are beautiful and colorful. Michelle colored part of hair purple and pink. The bouquets were made by her mother to fit into the day's theme. There was even a peacock feather as well. They also had the programs and party favors to match the peacock idea. Peacocks even made it to the dessert table with peacock designed cupcakes. But the guests had an idea of what to expect since the invitations themselves proudly displayed the beautiful bird.

peacock silk wedidng bouquet rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-19 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-21 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-22 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-24 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-25 texas wedding couple rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-15 rustic texas weddings

Michelle was stunning her strapless gown. She used a beautiful veil and flowed behind her like the peacock. Her bridesmaids wore gorgeous gowns that had bottoms that also resembled the peacock. Even the color looked similar. The bridesmaids blended in so well with the rest of the decor.

purple bridesmaid dresses rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-9 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-10 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-11 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-12 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-13 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-14 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-15 texas peacock wedding

But we can't forget the penguins. Russel and Michelle had worked together for five years before they actually met. After that meeting they became inseparable. They refer to each other as penguin since penguins mate for life. This is so cute. Instead of the normal cake topper, they had a pair of penguins. This was definitely original.

rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-3 peacock wedding decor rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-4 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-5 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-6 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-7rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-6

rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-19 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-21 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-23 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-24 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-25 texas real wedding

The originality of these nuptials did not stop there. Michelle is a passionate hula hooper and she wanted to include this in her day. She used a decorated hula hoop on the dance floor. This was definitely a one of kind event. You always want to include people and things that are special to you in your wedding plans. It just makes the day more special and more memorable. I doubt that Michelle will ever forget performing in front of her guests in her wedding dress.

rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-29 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-28 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-30 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-31 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-32 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-33 rustic-country-le-san-michele-buda-texas-real-wedding-2-34 peacock wedding decor

As you can see, not all DIY weddings include alot of chalkboards or books. You can do a lot of the work but also make it unique and different. Remember, you are the boss and you want to make this a day that you will never forget. You don't married everyday and we hope that your memories as well as your union will last a lifetime.

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