Whooping Crane Farm Wedding

Whooping Crane Farm Wedding.

Christie and Will’s Nashville wedding took place at Whooping Crane Farm. It was described as “incredible, genuine and real,” showcasing the many cherished facets of their relationship that led them to this special day. And they celebrated this next step in true Southern style with loads…

Bramble Tree Estate Wedding Shoot

Bramble Tree Estate Wedding Shoot.

This styled shoot took place at the Bramble Tree Estate in Sorrento, Fla. The charming farmhouse is nestled on several sprawling acres, complete with a delightful fresh floral appeal. The team combines the quaintness of the farmhouse with a peaceful floral design to create a…

Monochromatic Wedding Inspiration

Monochromatic Wedding Inspiration.

Stone, cement and a collection of white geodes helped inspire this monochromatic styled shoot. Marble and silver offer radiant touches alongside the crisp white furniture and fashion. Fresh greenery and textured brick walls also help to translate the vision’s fragrance, energy and style in this unique warehouse…

Kazan Wedding Inspiration

Kazan Wedding Inspiration.

Small flowers, small curls, small details – that’s what this styled shoot is all about. Born from the Russian city of Kazan, this light and airy inspirational shoot presents pretty colors and pretty touches to create a dreamy wedding experience.

A small change purse is join one delicate…

Belle Époque Wedding Inspiration

Belle Époque Wedding Inspiration.

With Paris as its muse, this styled shoot focuses on a very important time in the city’s history, known as “Belle Époque.” It was before WWI when Paris saw the arts flourish, producing many of the city’s architectural wonders like the Eiffel Tower, Grand Palais and…

Italy Wedding Shoot

Italy Wedding Shoot.

Everything about this styled shoot from Italy oozes sophistication and old world elegance. From the ornate, out-of-this-world invitations to the gorgeous gold mirrors in the ballroom, everything is bright and luxurious, as well as aged and mysterious.

The setting resembles Tuscany with its sprawling greenery and gated walls….