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Rustic Sooke British Columbia Canada Real Wedding

You have a problem. You love the beach but you also want a classic wedding. It is making it hard to choose your venue as a result. Who says that you have to compromise your desires? Mike and Lindsay got married on the beach in Sooke British Columbia Canada and it was not the typical beach affair. It was a classic wedding which just happened to be at the beach. They showed that you can combine these two desires and make it work. rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-2  rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-12

The guests were seated in the white chairs that adorn the average beach wedding as the couple exchanged their vows with a backdrop of the water. But that it where the similarities end.

rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-13 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-14 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-15 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-16 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-17  rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-19

The flower girl was absolutely adorable in her little white dress. Her basket was so cute.

rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-20 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-21 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-22 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-23 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-24 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-25 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-26

First let's look at the bride. She was absolutely stunning. She wore an amazing strapless gown that flared out on the bottom. It was simple yet elegant. It did not have any beading or other accessory. Her jewelry choices were also simple which fit the dress. She simply wore a bracelet and drop earrings. Her veil topped off her classic ensemble. She did go barefoot or wear flip flops. She wore beautiful shoes.

rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-27  rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-28 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-29 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-30 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-31 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-33

The groom and the groomsmen wore blue suits and ivory ties. They looked very handsome. The bridesmaids completed the bridal party. They wore strapless ivory gowns. As you looked at the bridal party, you would definitely forget that you were at the beach and imagine that you were at a big church or a country club. This looked fantastic.

rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-32 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-34 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-35 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-36  rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-37 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-8

After the ceremony, the guests were treated to an assortment of drinks like iced tea and lemonade. The decor was very simple. There were signs on chalkboards welcoming the guests as well as one to tell them where to seat at the reception. The place setting had the menu on the plate with a napkin holding it with stalks to the side. It was very decorative.

rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-9  rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-10 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-4 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-3 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-7 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-6

As you looked at the wedding cake, it was very classic. It had three white tiers with flowers adorning the edges.

rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-5 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-38 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-39 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-40 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-41 rustic-sooke-british-columbia-canada-real-wedding-ideas-42 rustic real weddings

Mike and Lindsay showed that you can have a classic wedding at an alternate venue other than a church. Don't fret if you have more than one idea for your wedding. Be creative and figure out a way to combine. You can have the best of both worlds and have a wedding day that you will never forget.

Photographer:  Phrozen Photo Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Capital City Tuxedos Floral Designer: Rook & Rose floral design boutique Dress Store: The Bridal Gallery

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