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Unique Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Styled Vintage Bridal Shoot

Are you a non-traditional bride? Do you like vintage or rustic themes? As a result, you may have dismissed having a bridal portrait session. You may have considered this too mundane or normal for you. Well, we have an idea. You can let your creative juices go to work by selecting a non-traditional venue. We are going to share some shots that were taken at an abandoned house. vintage-bridal-shoot-PA-trendy-bride Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-2 Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-3 Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-12 Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-7 Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-8 Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-4 Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-5 vintage-wedding-bridal-shoot-trendy-bride

The decor is very artistic as a backdrop for the bride. An unusual setting like this would be perfect for a bride declaring her independence from the chains of conformity or someone who simply wants to be creative and/or artistic.

Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-9 Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-15 Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-11 Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-10 Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-Styled-Wedding-Bridal-Shoot-trendy-bride-14 vintage bridal portraits

Take a look at these unusual pictures and be inspired. Be creative and choose a venue that will allow you to be unique. Bridal portraits don't all have to be the same. You can do it to reflect your personal style. The most important is to do it. Everyone should have bridal portraits. After all, the wedding day is all about you.

Photographer:  Kelsie Taylor Photography Model: Ali Soukovich

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