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Lake Union Cafe Seattle Washington Real Wedding

Cities are amazing places.They are full of life and energy. You reside in a city but think that you need to get out of your surroundings to have a great wedding. Think again. Christina and Kody had a wonderful day and night in the city when they tied the knot at the Lake Union Cafe in Seattle, Washington. lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-2 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-3 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-6 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-7 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-26 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-19 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-4 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-5 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-27 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-8 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-20 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-21 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-22 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-23 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-16 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-9

Their pictures really showed an appreciation for Seattle. There are pictures in front of the venue, on the street and at the pier. The ones by the water are simply amazing. They really got some awesome pictures using the city's resources as a backdrop.


The bride was just gorgeous in her strapless gown. It was not very ornate except for the waistline but she looked so elegant. She did not clutter her look with gaudy jewelry. She simply wore drop earrings. The groom wore a black tuxedo with a cream tie with a gold handkerchief. He looked absolutely fantastic. The rest of the bridal party blended in with them perfectly. The bridesmaids wore black dresses and the groomsmen also wore the black tuxedos. The red bouquets and boutonnieres really took their ensembles to the next level.

lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-10 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-11 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-14  lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-24 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-25

The reception was just as the elegant. The place settings looked regal with the couple's initials monogrammed on the napkin holders. There were candles which always makes it more intimate and the cake was also great. The topper was so cute with the couple doing a high five.

lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-17 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-18 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-13 lake-union-cafe-seattle-washington-real-weddings-29 seattle washington weddings

You can have a fun wedding and not leave the city. There are endless possibilities for your nuptials. Look around you for inspiration. Use these ideas to formulate a plan for your wedding day and it will be unique and fun. You can have a dream wedding in the city. It will  be a day that you will always treasure and remember.

Photographer:  Katie and Joshua Studios//Officiant: A Heavenly Ceremony//Floral Designer: Loves Me Flowers//

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