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Sweet Southern Louisiana Engagement Session

You can't think of the right place for your engagement session. You know that you want it to be intimate and to reflect your tastes. You also want a place that has multiple options for the pictures. Why not have it outdoors perhaps at a park or natural preserve? It is incredible how many back drop options that you are afforded and you can definitely take shots that are just the two of you. Ginger and Shea had their engagement session at a pond in Louisiana and they look like they are relaxing and enjoying the company of each other. sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature

Ginger and Shea got all dressed up. They danced in front of an old shack and just looked stunning as they sat together or simply gazed at each other. There is nothing as priceless as a couple lovingly looking at each other. You want your engagement session to capture this.

sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-2  sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-3 sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-4 sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-7 sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-8

They are having a great time as they horseplay in the field, they sit down and then they lay down. There aren't any fancy or expensive props, they are simply embracing nature. They look so in love as they lay next to each other in the boat.

sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-9 sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-10 sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-11 sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-12 sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-13 sweet-rustic-southern-louisiana-engagement-session-blog-feature-6 louisiana engagement photos

Engagement sessions are really important because it is a chance for the couple to relax and take pictures together. The day of the wedding does not allow you take too many pictures just for fun or just the two of you. It is really too chaotic. If you have a chance, have a session and enjoy the person you have chosen as your life partner and have pictures to show how much you enjoy their presence. These will be pictures that you will definitely use during your courtship and will be proudly displayed for years to come. Find a secluded place and have fun. Take lots of pictures!

Photographer:  Brandon O'Neal Photography

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