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Lahaina Hawaii Destination Real Wedding

Jessica and Ken prove that you really can have your dream wedding – as long as you decide what features in the wedding are most important. This gorgeous couple held their wedding at the stunning Olowalu Plantation in picturesque Lahaina, Hawaii. Since Jessica truly wanted her special day at this venue, she used Pinterest and Etsy to gain inspiration for the beautiful decor and accent pieces. Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-2 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-4 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-13 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-12 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-5 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-6 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-7 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-9 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-3 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-8 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-10 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-15 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-14 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-22 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-11 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-21 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-16   Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-18

Jessica’s dress was simple, but very classic and beautiful. Her bridesmaids all wore dresses in a vibrant blue color, which looked lovely with the Hawaiian landscape. The groom and his groomsmen wore khaki pants and button down shirts – appropriate for an island destination wedding. The vows were exchanged in an outdoor ceremony – the bride and groom had the beautiful coastal landscape of Hawaii at their feet!

Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-20 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-26 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-31 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-27 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-25 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-29  Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-30 hawaii destination wedding  Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-35 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-23 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-28 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-32 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-33 Diy-Lahaina-Hawaii-Destination-Real-Wedding-34

Jessica put her creative touches on many aspects of the wedding – cards were tied to starfish to serve as seating place cards, and guests had the opportunity to write well-wishes on little paper leaves for the happy couple. Such a lovely idea and one that lasts a lifetime! Jessica and Ken not only had their dream wedding, but they came away with personal touches that fit perfectly with their budget and destination.

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