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Rustic Strawberry Farms Irvine California Real Wedding

So many personal touches were used in Nick and Quin’s beautiful wedding. Nick put his handy skills to work in order to create letters to hang from the barn doors – not only do they look great in the pictures, but will be something the couple keeps for years to come. Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-3   Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-48  Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding

Quin looked just beautiful in a gorgeous fitted dress, complete with a lace overlay and her bouquet looked so fresh, clean and classic. She’s simply a beautiful bride! Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-40 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-4 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-5 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-41 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-8 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-9 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-17 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-10 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-11 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-12

The wedding took place outdoors, surrounded by lush landscape and trees. Hanging jars held flowers on either side of the aisle – it was simple and didn’t detract from the natural beauty outside. When you have gorgeous scenery, you don’t have to do much to enhance it!

Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-18 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-19 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-20 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-21

The bridesmaids wore lovely flowy dresses in light shades of purple – their bouquets were vibrant, using shades of purple and pink to add a pop of color to the wedding party.

Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-23 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-7 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-13 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-24 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-25 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-26

At the reception, guests had plenty of options when it came to sweets – a beautiful cake, accented with pink and purple flowers, sat on a wood slab – a lovely way to tie in the rest of the decor. Cupcakes and chocolate-covered fruits and pretzels were also provided to guests – a great way to please everyone!

Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-36 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-33 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-30 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-27 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-28 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-29 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-14 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-15 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-31 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-32 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-46 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-47 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-37 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-38 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-42 Rustic-Irvine-California-Real-Wedding-39

What a lovely wedding!

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