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Braided Wedding Hairstyles Part II

Braided wedding hairstyles part II. These are not your braids from Kindergarten. Adding braids into an updo or carefree wedding hairstyle is fun, refreshing and versatile. If you're looking for something a little different than other styles you've seen, consider adding a braid for a little distinction. With a little bump of volume at the crown, this bride has a braid starting at the top of her part and going down the side. The finished braid is pulled back with the rest of her hair in a low updo. She sets it all off with a gorgeous pair of statement earrings.

braid updo

via Christian Oth Studio

This style is similar to the previous one but instead of one braid, this bride has multiple thicker braids coming down the side. They are gathered together and swept around the low knot in the back for seamless style.

braided updo

via Audra Wrisley Photography

For a bride who wants an updo without the fuss, this style is full of twists and braids in laid-back fashion. One braid runs down the side while many strands are twisted in the same direction. A few wispy strands hang loose and the rest of the bride's hair is pinned up in the back.

loose braid updo

via Corinne Krogh

Simple and elegant, this do will get your hair off your neck and face. The braid runs down the side of the bride's head and around towards the neck. A little volume is added at the crown for a clean, classic style.

braid updo

via Olivia Griffin Photography

You don't always have to wear your hair completely up, either! This bride has a head full of long gorgeous hair that just has to be shown off. She has a tight double-braid running from one ear to the other with her hair hanging loosely curled at her shoulder.

wedding hairstyle

via Perry Vaile Photography

Even a simple one-sided braid can be incredibly appropriate and romantic. This blonde-haired beauty has her hair pulled to one side in a braid and she adds a lovely beaded headband for a little sparkle and sophistication.

braid hairstyle

via Carmen Santorelli Photography

The braid can even be inconspicuous. This darling little flower girl has a perfect bun on top but behind all of that beautiful hair is a braid running all the way down to the nape of her neck. A flower detail is added for a sweet touch.

french braid undo

via Sara Lucero

Depending on how the stylist braids, it could look completely different. This bride has a fish-tail braid that runs down the side. Her hair is then gathered in the back for a low style, beautified with a pretty shimmery accessory.

braided hairstyle

viaWeddings By Sasha Gaulish

If you can braid your own hair, then you can do this style at home. This bride has one chunky braid that starts at the top of her scalp and continues down the side. Her hair is collected in a knot in the back and is given the bridal treatment with a white flower bloom.

braid updo

via  Zoe Lonergan

Braids are a huge trend for brides in 2014. They are a complementary option to the traditional updo and add an interesting element to such an important look. No matter if it's short, long, curly or straight, a bride's mane will look chic and stylish rocking a braid.

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