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Dangling Wedding Earrings

Dangling Wedding Earrings

Dangling Wedding Earrings. Some bridal looks call for an especially grand earring, something stately and sophisticated. A dangling earring is a little more impactful than a stud and can eliminate the need for a necklace. If you've got a lot of beading at the neckline or an interesting hairpiece instead of a veil, this might be an accessory worth considering. A birdcage veil with a beaded embellishment looks amazing with this bride's dangling earrings. The diamond and pearl combination is perfect for a wedding day and the teardrop design with additional diamonds is stunning.

via Anne Robert Photography

Rose gold is a trendy metallic as of late. These rose gold earrings have pearls at the closures and tiny halo diamonds around one large emerald-cut center stone. This pair would be complementary to a blush wedding gown or even an embellished champagne ensemble.

via Hunter Ryan Photo

With this bride's low veil, a statement earring is a must. Instead of one singular stone, it has many stones cascading from the ear. A cluster of teardrop diamonds makes for a spectacular look.

via Elizabeth Messina

Wedding day jewelry doesn't have to always be made with clear diamonds and silver settings. This antique pair of dangling earrings has yellow gold and several sets of diamonds intertwined in a unique design. Also, dripping down from each tier is an aquamarine stone flanking each side for a delicate touch of color.

via Marisa Holmes

These romantic silver earrings mimic the lace fabric of the bride's dress. Three different pieces with yellow gold centers are crafted together for a grand statement piece.

via J Wilkinson Co

Ovals, circles and diamond shapes make up this design. These earrings have round studs, an open halo element, and an oval-shaped cluster of small diamonds with diamond-shaped stones in the center.

via KT Merry

One large stone on an earring can have just as much emphasis as many tiny ones. These impressive earrings have clear center stones with halo settings. Their appearance is even more romantic with delicate rose gold.

via Erich McVey

Three large round stones are intertwined with lots of small ones to create a clean and classic look. This is a great choice for a bride sans headpiece with a stunning back to her wedding gown.

via KT Merry

For a modern take on rose gold, these classic round diamonds are set in a tear-drop shape with one large central champagne-colored stone in the middle. If your dress is anything but white, these earrings would be breathtaking.

via Amanda Lloyd Photography

Two stones are better than one! Set in yellow gold, a round and a teardrop-shaped opaque white stone are romantic and antique. This bride chose romantic lace for her wedding gown and she couldn't have picked a more appropriate pair of earrings

via Alexandra Steele Photography

A bride really must consider the look of her dress and the headpiece she is wearing on her big day in order to pick out the best jewelry to accompany them. Your earrings need to complement your look in a way that is attractive but not overpowering. If you choose a pair of dangling wedding earrings, rest assured your accessories will help you shine!

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