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Venice Italy Fine Art Bridals

Venice, Italy, is one of the world’s most romantic cities and you would be hard-pressed to find a more perfect location for fine art bridals. Aside from its unique canals, historic buildings, and endless opportunities for cultural exploration, it’s stupendously exquisite and inspirational. To match the colorful flair of the buildings around her, the bride dons a bright red lip. Her hair is softly curled and it hangs loose by her shoulders.

She wears a long-sleeved lace gown and looks contemplative as she stands on one of its many bridges. The antiquity of her look is perfect for echoing the allure of Venice. She is the perfect fine art wedding bride!


This endearing moment shows a bride who’s ready to kick off her heels and be happy.

fine art bridals

fine art bridals

Venice, like many Italian cities, has a surplus of drinking fountains. The bride stops by one of the city's fountains and feels the cool water run through her hands.



As the photographer puts distance in between the lens and the bride, the character of the city is evident in the background and its famous water-filled canals.


She admires the unique window displays in the city shops and stops to look at a collection of jewelry and ornate masks.

This intimate alleyway shot is incredible. Standing in front of what seems to be a forgotten door, the perspective from the stone walls brings the eyes straight to the radiant bride.


The jewelry she wears is just as delicate as the lace on her dress.


The fabric detail of the gown is extraordinary. One can admire the wide neckline as she playfully looks down at the street.


Choosing the right location for a bridal shoot can enhance a bride’s beauty from the inside out. Not because the place itself is beautiful, but because from it, the bride is inspired to realize and harness the beauty that exists within her.


Photography: Olga SiyankoLocation: Venice, Italy Dress @studio_atelier_mc Model @vikssssssssssssss Photolab @homefilmlab

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