Steeplechase Styled Wedding Shoot

Deep in the Maryland countryside, this styled shoot celebrates the long-standing tradition of the steeplechase. A little more gritty than the Kentucky Derby, the steeplechase evokes the excitement of horse racing while embracing the rugged, yet refined life out in the country. Plentiful details create the understated elegance of this outdoor shoot. Many antique touches are incorporated to elevate the equestrian theme. The invitation suite rests on a hand-painted vintage tray with a classic horse scene.

horse shoot horse shoot

The bride’s gown features an illusion halter-style neckline and a lace mermaid skirt. She accessorizes with a long veil and dainty pearl earrings.

horse shoothorse shoothorse shoot

Her bouquet ties in the rustic style with wildflowers, greenery, and even artichokes!

horse shoothorse shoot

She wears shimmery, neutral makeup tones to bring out her best features, while her hair is fashioned in a whimsical updo.

horse shoot

The groom’s look pops against the outdoor location. A black suit with a bright red tie makes him a standout but it’s his horseshoe-shaped boutonniere that sets his look apart.

horse shoothorse shoot

A few tall flower arrangements mimic the bride’s bouquet with wildflowers and artichokes all placed in a gold vase.

horse shoothorse shoothorse shoot

The ceremony is centered around the two beautiful wooden doors of the barn with florals and greenery tacked straight into the wall. The picture-perfect spot is made lovelier as the bride’s veil flutters in the breeze and the couple share a kiss.

horse shoothorse shoothorse shoothorse shoothorse shoot

They transition from photos in front of the small whitewashed barn to photos in front of the sprawling countryside. They meander through the grass as they pass by the wooden rails on the property and admire the hills in the distance.

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This equestrian experience wouldn’t be complete without a long-faced friend. This beauty is even dressed up for the occasion with a white flower wreath.

steeplechase weddinghorse shoot

While they enjoy the horse’s company for a few minutes, soon it runs free.

horse shoothorse shoothorse shoot

Antique medallions accompany the place cards for an elegant nod to the countryside celebration.

horse shoot

A natural wooden table is accompanied by wooden chairs for the ultimate outdoor dining experience.

horse shoot

Each place setting includes dainty floral china, crystal glassware, and napkins, all set about a stunning floral table runner that drops straight to the ground.

horse shoothorse shoothorse shoothorse shoot

The cake is a truly unique dessert. A small white fondant-covered tier holds up a tower of pretty pastel macaroons.

horse shoot

One unique idea is to tie in your theme to the special gifts you offer your loved ones. Mint julep cups, straws, flowers, a horseshoe and more are a clever nod to the shoot’s vision.

horse shoot

To celebrate, the couple toast one another and the bride soon lets her hair down. She is photographed with a new look that shows another facet of her personality.

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The groom makes friends with an adorable beagle as he and the bride finish this horse and hound-loving day.

horse shoot

The style evoked the understated elegance many enjoy about the steeplechase. Even in the most remote of locations with only the grass as your dance floor, you can create an event special enough to make your heart race.

Photographer: Mary Neumann, Mary Neumann Photography Planning, Styling, and Design: Cate Thorin, Ivy and Honor Floral Design: Mary Ellen LaFreniere, Steelcut Flower Co. Hair: Jewel Hair Design Makeup: Makeup by Kevan Stationer/Calligrapher: Stephanie, Stephanie B. Design Dress: Rizik’s Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux Jeweler: Tiny Jewel Box Vintage Rentals: Something Vintage Sandblasted Glassware & Gifts: Jaime Gill, Eikoh Design Studio Welcome Box: The Welcoming District