Romantic Vintage Wedding Inspiration

We know all of the standard venue choices for weddings. A civic center, a hotel, or a church. The list is endless but keep in mind you it should also evoke the theme of your wedding which should reflect your personal style. Many outdoor weddings are conducted in and around the beach but there are many other options.

As you can see this couple has the landscape of the mountains in the background. The view is spectacular and you feel as though they are a postcard come to life. It is just amazingly beautiful.

If you choose a venue like this, you want the attire as well as the accessories to blend into the environment. The colors in the bouquet are perfect and look as though the flowers were picked there. The couple is stunning as their colors matched well with the landscape. So when thinking of your wedding venue, look at all of your options. You'll be surprised. There are more options than you think.

Alixann Loose Photography