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Museum of Contemporary Art La Jolla California Wedding

La Jolla is a stunning location choice for a coastal wedding – scenic views, bluffs and palm trees make for a perfect backdrop to any special day. Gracie and Scott chose a beautiful site to have the ceremony, overlooking the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Next door, the Modern Museum provided an eye-catching venue for the reception and created an amazing contrast from the first part of the day. museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings--26 museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings- museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings--2 museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings--3 purple bridal bouquet museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings--4 museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings--5

Gracie was a stunning bride! Her dress featured a sweetheart neckline and fit her perfectly – the skirt had delicate layers to create a truly romantic dress. Her flowing hair and veil complemented the gorgeous gown and fit in with the coastal ambiance.

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While the reception was in a modern, eye-catching venue, the wedding details offered a beautiful contrast. Tubular vases filled with flowers and floating candles kept the look clean and fresh around the modern environment. Floating candles are a perfect way to keep the room romantic and intimate! Beautiful, vibrant flowers in purple and fuchsia added a pop of color to the entire space – it gave the coastal destination a tropical feel.

museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings--13 museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings--17 museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings--29

The cake featured topical flowers to tie the concept together.

white wedding cake with purple flowers museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings--27 museum-of-contemporary-art-la-jolla-ca-real-weddings--30 la jolla ca weddings

A beautiful wedding for a lovely couple!

Photographer:  Melissa McClure Photography//Event Planner: Ooh La La Weddings and Events//Cinema and Video: Taylor Films//Cake Designer: The Cake Lady

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