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Ghost Wedding Chairs

Ghost Wedding Chairs

One of the hottest trends for weddings are ghost wedding chairs – clear chairs with a modern flair. And since chairs are a must, these additions are a unique way to add a twist to your wedding style. And there are many ways to add your own touch and personalization, too! Placed next to a long family-style table, these clear chairs echo the glassware. They almost disappear next to the white linens, creating the feeling of more room in the reception hall.


via Michael Radford Photography

If you pair clear chairs with a clean white table, your décor will pop even more. These orange and pink flower arrangements make a statement with the clean, sleek white table and ghost chairs.


via Joel Serrato

Ghost chairs come in many shapes and styles. This elegant setting includes chairs with an elaborate back and cushion, for added polish and comfort. They complement the tall glass flower arrangements beautifully.


via artiste studios

Ghost chairs are great for ceremonies, too. Clean rows of clear chairs make quite the impact and allow for the elaborate design of the venue's floor shine through.


via KT Merry

Clear chivari chairs complement the white linens and baby’s breath of this reception - perfect for a winter wedding!


via Greg Finck Photography

And if you’re looking for something just a little different, these rose-hued chairs with lace backs are elegant, classy, and ideal for a garden-inspired affair.


via Jill Thomas Photography

For the girl who loves monograms, why not have your new initials, or those of your guests or bridal party, appear on the back of your chairs? This pretty, preppy scene is made adorable thanks to the bright pink monograms on the backs of the clear chairs.


via Sara Hasstedt

You can also personalize your chairs at the head table. This darling duo have their names written elegantly on the backs of the chairs with a small protea flower resting on the seat.


via Tina Jay Photography

If you want to have an elegant look with a comfortable feel for your guests, just add a simple white cushion to each chair. It’s crisp and seamless.


via elizabeth messina

Ghost chairs are enchanting pieces that can brighten up any room and provide a modern touch. If you're checking out options for seating, be sure to explore the possibilities of these glamorous ghost chairs. We're certain this idea won't be disappearing anytime soon.

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