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wedding dress

Sarah Seven Fall 2015 Bridal Gowns

Sarah Seven’s designs are impeccably fresh, modern, and romantic. The Fall 2015 Collection features unique hemlines, flowing fabrics, and fashion-forward hues. This ultra-modern high-low gown features an embellished lace illusion neckline. The skirt has a gorgeous silhouette, perfect for showing off a statement pair of wedding heels. Light gray is a color that’s flown under the radar but one can’t deny its alluring nature. This draped sleeve gown features a ruched bodice, beaded belt, and a flowing skirt with a slit. Although, seemingly simple at first glance, this gown has quite the detail. A strapless sweetheart bodice is bedecked with beading that matches exquisitely with the color of the skirt. A satin band unites the two for a refreshing style. Whimsical and full of old-world charm, this champagne…

wedding gown

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2015 Dresses

Monique Lhullier’s latest collection flourishes with sparkling details, voluminous tulle skirts, and classic silhouettes. An array of delicate pastel colors offers brides a choice of dreamy hues, while unique highlights, necklines, and embellishments provide timeless options with trendy touches. Monique Lhullier understands the modern bride who relishes in refinement.…


Dennis Basso Fall 2015 Wedding Gowns

The Fall 2015 Collection from Dennis Basso features gowns that are clean and sophisticated. He achieves this by using timeless silhouettes, shiny fabrics, and structured detailing. From crisp pleating to beaded layers and tulle, Basso appreciates a fabulous statement skirt and incorporates one into every look in this collection. Almost every gown features a bright spot, too – a beaded highlight either at the waist, down the length of the design, or along the hem. It’s safe to say that each dress in Dennis Basso’s latest collection is brilliant, in more ways than one.…

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Krikor Jabotian Fall 2015 Collection

Krikor Jabotian’s Fall 2015 Collection is full of wedding dresses unlike any you’ve probably ever seen. This Lebanese designer creates pieces that look like fashionable works of art- delicate, imaginative, and unparalleled. Jabotian can take a simple panel of fabric and swirl it in a way that is unbelievable, place embellishments to look like an ornate textured piece of cloth, and make even a cape a statement feature of a dress. Every piece of this collection deserves a second look because there’s just too much detail and artistry to see from one glance.…

wedding dress

Mark Zunino Fall 2015 Collection

The wedding gowns from Mark Zunino’s Fall 2015 Collection were inspired by one of our most basic, natural elements – flowing water. The fluidity, purity, and sparkling qualities of such a simple, but vital resource were evident in every design of the season. Dramatic ball gowns, sparkling silhouettes, and a brilliant cap sleeve creation are just a few of the highlights from his latest collection. Shiny satin, fluttery petal appliques, and dramatic skirts are just a few of the creations for Fall 2015. Whether it’s the crushed crystal beading, a hue of a different shade, or a voluminous skirt, each gown is completely different, yet unmistakably exhibits that Mark Zunino touch.…

floral gown

Elizabeth Fillmore Fall 2015 Dresses

Just one look at Elizabeth Fillmore’s wedding gowns and you’ll see where her chief inspiration comes from – flowers. The Fall 2015 Collection is the fusion of two of the most traditional elements in a wedding – the dress and the flowers. One notable surprise about this collection is there is virtually no beading, proving that over-the-top doesn’t have to necessarily mean lots of embellishments. With a penchant for pastels and flowing fabrics, Elizabeth Fillmore delivers a collection straight from the whimsical wedding sphere.…

bridal gown

Alvina Valenta Fall 2015 Collection

The gowns in Alvina Valenta’s Fall 2015 Collection can only be described as timeless, sophisticated, and elegant. Princess ball gowns, 1920s inspired silhouettes, lace, and clean lines are all part of this inspiring collection. The designer approaches bridal fashion this season with broad appeal and Alvina Valenta’s latest collection offers many different styles and designs that speak to the classic bride in all of us, through a plethora of fanciful fabrics and sweet silhouettes.…


Pnina Tornai Fall 2015 Bridal Gowns

If you’re looking to make a courageous and flirtatious statement on your wedding day, Pnina Tornai’s Fall 2015 Collection has just the gown for you. Hallmarks to Tornai’s style are corseted bodices, deep V-necks and sweetheart styles, illusion panels, bold design elements, and fitted silhouettes. Her designs are always fashion forward and boldly push the envelope of bridal wear, and this latest collection continues her flair for celebrating the female figure while still incorporating bridal style. Tornai’s often opulent couture creations are truly one-of-a-kind. There isn’t any other collection quite like Pnina’s in the marketplace today. Get your hands on a luxurious piece made exclusively just for you.…