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Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding Cake Trends.

The latest and greatest in wedding cake trends span the spectrum from barely-there buttercream to elaborate works of art. Our Raleigh Bridal Shows will be showing all the latest dessert trends for the fine art bride. This diverse pastry landscape shows how cake artists and bakers are finding unique ways to infuse a couple’s personality into their creations. And even if you’re a traditionalist, classic themes are always in style.

Lambeth-style piping, one of the most skilled techniques in cake decorating, is a method of piping intricate and ornate rows, scrolls and garlands. This artist employs the technique while incorporating soft floral touches for an utterly romantic design.


For the couple pining for something completely different, cake artists are transforming their cakes into geodes. By using rock candy and silver leaf, they take fondant-covered layers and turn them into stunning crystal displays.


Gold leaf adds a luxurious flair. This five-layer fondant-covered cake is pretty in pink, but with the addition of small gold leaf touches, it instantly becomes grander.


Cake artists also employ various techniques to create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind design. This modern three-tier cake features a delicate, ruffled fondant effect on the base, while the top tiers are brushed with various colors and finished with hand-painted flowers.


Naked cakes are a trend that couples continue to love. For the laidback romantics, these creations feature frosting-less tiers that show exactly what the cake is made of. And they’re usually embellished with fruits and – like this confection – petite flowers.


Many couples still love a traditional white cake. This cake brings the timeless style to a modern audience with its fondant flowers and clean buttercream ripples.


Marbleized fondant allows a cake artist to cover the cake with a graceful flow of color. Perfect for weddings by the sea, this cake features a gorgeous blue and white marble effect that’s smooth and eye-catching.


Wedding cake trends are ever-changing, but one thing remains the same: no matter what you prefer or choose, the design is all yours. If you can imagine it, there’s someone out there who can create it. Make your cake a dessert to remember.

Credits from Top to Bottom: Corina V. Photography | Thecablookfotolab | Jacqui Cole Photography | Allen Tsai Photography | Feather & Twine | Merari Photography | Brilliant Wedding Co | Keepsake Memories Photography

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