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Wedding Anniversary Shoot in Montenegro

Wedding Anniversary Shoot in Montenegro

Wedding Anniversary Shoot in Montenegro.

For reasons out of your control, your wedding might not be the fairytale you imagined, and for Vera and her husband, this was all the more reason to escape to Montenegro for a wedding anniversary shoot. Their first wedding was planned in a month, and not knowing photographers, makeup artists, or even where to buy a dress, the experience, although special, left the couple feeling incomplete. Vera, a stunning brunette, chose a darling light blue dress with a unique cutout style.


She accessorized with nude heels and an uplifting pink and white bouquet.


The photographer helped Vera and her husband through the process of creating a truly special anniversary shoot


From picking the location to helping them choose outfits, she made the process easy and relaxed. And it can be seen on Vera’s face.


Her husband wore a simple look of dark blue pants, blue suspenders and a crisp white shirt. It was the perfect balance to his wife’s bright blue dress.


The couple took their photos at the Bay of Kotor. With its gorgeous mountain scene in the distance and the winding bay, they had many beautiful backdrops from which to shoot.


Vera and her husband even kicked off their shoes and walked around barefoot, utterly relaxed while embracing the romantic evening.


From the groom picking up his wife, to strolling near the water with a bouquet in-hand, the couple never ceased to embrace the magic of the moment.


Vera and her husband’s wedding anniversary shoot was gorgeous in every sense but the most important thing was that they fulfilled a dream: to experience something well-planned and wonderful to commemorate their love in a way that they would look fondly on it for many years to come, to make their souls feel complete.

Photography and Flowers:Sonya Khegay

Wedding Anniversary Shoot in Montenegro

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