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Phoenix Arizona Wedding Inspiration

Phoenix Arizona Wedding Inspiration

Phoenix Arizona Wedding Inspiration.

Hannah and Elijah, newlyweds of just one month, radiated love in their portrait session on their one month anniversary. Every bride loves an excuse to get back in their wedding dress, and Hannah's was to die for!

The inspiration for this session was to take a muted blush and gray palette and create a romantic setup that complimented the unique and fine art feeling of her dress. 


Here is their story - 

"Our story begins in Williams Arizona on August 11th 2015. Elijah and I were both there for a leadership retreat with GCU. On our last night at the camp, he sat down for dinner at my table. I was captivated by his long hair and amazing smile and he says my eyes and smile had him intrigued and apparently so nervous he couldn't remember my name haha (took him 3 or 4 times to remember). All night Eli was trying to keep conversation with me and I kept trying to seem fun to this adventurous California guy. I ended up loosing a dare (on purpose) and having to sing Living on a Prayer on stage in front of the whole dining room. I thought it might impress him-no idea why haha. The night ended and we both felt that we had to find each other when we got to campus. I was busy running events during Welcome Week at GCU but every night during Welcome Week, Eli and I "ran into" each other. Little did I know that he had planned all our random run ins. He planned these "random" run ins quite often throughout the first month of school. We finally exchanged numbers and as months went on, we continued to hangout and go on walks, some lasting until the next morning. We somehow would never run out of things to talk about, always wanting to know more about each other. That is something that hasn't changed since we started dating. Over the last year and some odd months, we have grown together as a couple and encouraged each other to grow with God. We have tried to put God first in everything. We have learned to love each other through hard stages we have faced and learned to laugh more then we ever thought possible. We have gone on some fun adventures and are always planning for more! The best adventure coming soon!!!

The Engagment

As most girls do, I dreamed of the man I would marry and the life we would build together. Sometimes I would think about how I would be proposed to, but never in my dreams could I have imagined something as sentimental and sweet as Eli planned.

I woke up on May 6th thinking I was going to a bridal shower-little did I know the events that would unfold. My mom and I got out of the car at what I thought was the house for the bridal shower. As I was getting items out of the car, I heard my brother, Adam, (who I thought was in Wisconsin) say "Hey Ding" (his nickname for me). I hugged him so hard and started crying, knowing what he was in town for. I was then blindfolded by my dad and got back into the car with my dad and brother. When we got to our destination, my dad and brother held my hand as we walked. We stopped and my dad said "Now your brother and I get to walk you to your future" and prayed with me. (Trust me, I was crying A LOT). We walked a little more and my dad then took off my blind fold. I opened my eyes to the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Instantly, I began asking if I was at the Wright House. The Wright House was where my parents were married in 1992, they were the second couple to ever get married there. It was a breath taking view with Eli at the alter. I walked towards him, unable to make myself run to him. He held my hands and told me how he had dreamed of this day since he met me. Told me that he wanted to always pursue me and love me how God intended for. He told me he wanted us always to put God first and reminded me that we wouldn't be standing at the Wright House without God's love. Then he got down on one knee and pulled out the prettiest ring I have ever seen! I SAID YES! After, my great grandma, grandma, mom, dad, brother were there to hug us both. Not to mention two of my best friends taking pictures and videoing the day (seriously, he thought of everything). Then Eli took me over to the exact spot that my parents said their vows and read me a letter he had written. It was a magical day and I am so thankful for Eli and all the thought he put into making that day so special for us!"

Photographer:  Ryann Lindsey Photography //Other: Richard Photo Lab //Other: Shropshire Petals//Heirlooms and extras: Ollies Studio//Makeup Artist: Makeup Artistry by Natalie C//Beauty: HairMotty//Equipment Rentals: Beautiful Things Rentals//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Men's Wearhouse//Dress Designer:Mia Solano//Bakery:Amour De Sucre//Design and Decor: Fancy Lou Designs//Invitation Designer: Wonderland Invites//Dress Store: Luv Bridal Phoenix//Other: Beautiful Things Event Rentals//Ring Designer: Trumpet and Horn//Other: Silk and Willow//Floral Designer: The Wildflower Az//Floral Designer: the wildflower az

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