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Manasquan NJ Engagement

Manasquan NJ Engagement

Manasquan NJ Engagement.

Maria and Brett’s Manasquan, New Jersey, engagement session perfectly showcases their love story. The two-part session starts at their favorite spot in the summertime – the beach – followed by a lakeside location in their hometown. The photographer manages to capture their carefree and relaxed attitudes, and the essence of what makes their relationship so special.

Brett and Maria got engaged in the most romantic of ways. They were in Paris, enjoying a stunning candlelit dinner aboard a gorgeous boat riding the Seine River, admiring the Eiffel Tower in its entire evening splendor, when Brett dropped to one knee. After saying “yes,” Maria immediately went to work to find the perfect photographer to capture their engagement photos.


The couple dons white for the first half of their engagement session. On a clear beach, they leisurely walk the wet surf and soak in the gentle afternoon sunlight.


They find a few oversized rocks to stand on as the photographer captures a few up-close shots where the emotion is palpable.


They hop down and cover their shoulders before gathering the courage to jump into the ocean together, as exuberant expressions splash across their faces.


For the second half of the shoot, they are lakeside and dressed to perfection. While she is in a simple tank top and flirty skirt, Brett shows off cool, casual style with a light blue button-down shirt and khakis.


They saunter along the dock, where a rainbow of boats, kayaks and canoes reside. One last shot shows them admiring the sunset and their hometown together surrounded by the water and lush greenery.


A successful engagement session is able to tell a love story easily through a collection of photos when words become superfluous. Maria and Brett’s New Jersey session captures their love in two locations that foster an effortless joy between them. And while both the beach and the lake abound with natural beauty, the emotion they wear makes their engagement session one to admire.

Photography: Shadi Boulos Photography

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