Upscale French San Juan Capistrano California Wedding Shoot.

Everyone knows that Paris has a mystic about love. Weddings are all about showing the love of a couple on the day that they decide to become man and wife. Why not combine the two? Well, we have a shoot that we hope will inspire you and show you how this can be done.

upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-21 upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-2 gold brooch garter upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-4 upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-5 upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-7 upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-8 silver wedding shoes upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-22

The bride a elegantly dressed in her strapless gown. The jewelry choice is right on point. She has a diamond necklace with drop earrings. Her hair made her look so sophisticated. It is amazing how a hairstyle can completely transform someone. The groom is dressed in a black tuxedo with a bow tie. They just made a stunning pair.

upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-6 upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-14

The room was decorated with gold and pastel colors which gave it a regal feel. The table settings were just incredible. The turquoise sofa was a wonderful touch. The runner made of flowers spelling love was definitely unique.

upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-15 upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-23 upscale california wedding upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-12 Upscale French San Juan Capistrano California Wedding Shoot upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-16 upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-24 upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-17

Let’s table take a closer look at the tables. The dessert that was served on the cake stand which was so special.

upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-20 upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-25 Upscale French San Juan Capistrano California Wedding Shoot upscale-modern-french-chic-san-juan-capistrano-california-styled-shoot-26 styled french wedding shoot

We hope that we have provided some inspiration for you if you are considering a French theme. It is important to pay attention to the details and not be afraid to be opulent. It is just fine with this theme to go over the top. In fact, it won’t work unless you do. You could probably get some of these items at a thrift store to cut down on the expense. Be inspired. Be creative and bring a little bit of France to the United States on your wedding day.

Video by: Perryfield Films
Photographer:  christopher TODD studios
Dress Store: Bridal Elegance
Linens and Coverings: Glow Concepts Fine Linens
Makeup Artist: Rock Me Up
Event Planner: Expressionary Events
Second Shooter: Michael Jonathan Studios
Location: Serra Plaza
Cakes made by Jay’s Catering
Furniture by  Form Decor
Lighting by  California Dj’s
Florist by –Ooh La la Designs
Wardrobe stylist  Styled by Connie
Models: Tyler and Caitlin

Upscale French San Juan Capistrano California Wedding Shoot


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    September 27, 2013

    This photo shoot was exquisite in every way. We were happy to be able to provide linens and coverings for this fabulous idea.