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Unique Wedding Cakes III

From colored fondant, to paint, to no frosting at all, wedding cakes these days come in all shapes, sizes, and ingredients. So, if you’re looking for something deliciously different for your wedding day dessert, here are a few ideas that’ll keep your guests talking (and tasting!) all through the night. This green and white creation is a twist on tradition. The bottom tiers are covered with a green ombre rippled fondant, while the top tiers are clean and crisp in white. The design is balanced with a generous sprig of greenery on top. via André Teixeira, Brancoprata If your wedding is bright and fun, this multi-colored cake is a great way to bring it all together. Striking tiers are covered with blue, pink, and white, and offset by alternating…


Organic Wedding Cakes Part II

If an organic-themed wedding is in your future, the cake can certainly exude that style. With small fresh touches and a clean canvas from which to work, a light and lush dessert can be the centerpiece to your naturally beautiful affair. Start with three tiers. The top and bottom are naked, while the middle is covered in fondant. Add a small brush of edible gold color and the placement of two small sprigs of greenery to make this design dynamic and divine. via Diana McGregor This petite two-tier cake features an immaculate white floral design. It’s topped with a delicate white flower, and a sprinkling of leaves around the stand present a pop of rich color. via Blaine Siesser A three-tier cake features clean swipes of buttercream and…

chocolate wedding cake

Trendy Naked Wedding Cakes Part III

There are so many options to explore when it comes to naked wedding cakes. Not only does the garnish shine but so do the layers, which are normally hidden under frosting. Using berries is a great way to add a pop of color. In this cake, the baker incorporated blackberries into the layers, as well as the garnish. Chocolate cake layers with flavored buttercream show tiny peeks of blackberries nestled in between. The top tier of the cake is slimmer and the tops of each tier are covered in blackberries, blueberries and figs – perfect for fall! via ALLAN ZEPEDA Who needs frosting when you have flowers? This two-tier cake features dark layers and light buttercream but the stunning additions make it truly captivating. A dripping of golden…

wedding cake

Beautiful Fresh Flowers on Wedding Cakes

With the popularity of shops like Etsy and inspirational sources like Pinterest, there have never been more unique and personalized wedding cake toppers available. Although fun and quirky, never underestimate or overlook the classic and beautiful quality a fresh set of flowers can have on your wedding cake. And if you’re looking to save on the design of your cake, a bunch of bold flowers is an easy solution. This three tier cake ordinarily would be plain and run-of-the-mill with its white fondant-covered layers. However, the design goes from simple to smashing with a myriad of color cascading down the creation. With a trendy ombre-like quality, the flowers transcend from light purple, to hearty red, to orange, to pale pink and finally, white for an artistic take on…

black wedding cake

Modern Wedding Cakes from Hey There Cupcake

Wedding cakes are like a blank canvas; there are more than a million different designs, ideas, and shapes each one can take. Hey There Cupcake has a knack for creating modern, minimalist creations that are subtle, yet completely striking in sophistication. Modern doesn’t have to mean weird or abstract. A modern wedding cake can still include traditional elements with a 21st century feel. Some unique inclusions for today’s cake designs include slender layers as opposed to wider ones, darker colored tiers versus the traditional white and textures and designs that take risks. This two-tier cake features tall slim layers, covered in dark fondant. The edge is dressed with gold-leaf and adorned with small rosettes in green, coral and white. The contrast between the bright, dark and metallic tones…

wedding cake

Pretty in Pink – Glam in Gold Wedding Cakes

Gold has been a huge hit with wedding day designs as of late and pink has forever been a favorite hue among those girly girls out there. A great way to marry both colors is by designing a wedding cake that is both regal and sophisticated but sweet and charming; something a pink and gold color combination can accomplish beautifully. Flowers on a cake are timeless touches. This cake has four tiers, all of varying heights. The three white tiers have small pearl accents scattered about and the smallest layer is dusted entirely of gold. Gorgeous pink sugar flowers adorn the bottom and top layers with dusted gold leaves. This is elegance at its best. For a more intricate, ornate confection, try using five tall layers completely covered…