Thys-Koch + Eline Real Wedding Africa Shimla

This striking couple incorporated many vintage pieces into the wedding, which shows off the personality of the bride and groom and creates elegant decor for the reception. Eline is stunning in her fitted mermaid-style gown, and a short, chic veil accents her lovely soft curls. The bouquet, filled with…

Artistic Granite Wedding Cakes

I know your probaly thinking what does granite have to do with these cakes. Well look closely at pattern on these cakes. Doesn’t it remind you of a cool granite counter top. It’s hard to believe the pattern is a cake. I have never seen any cakes like this…

Couture Styled Wedding Cakes

I can never get tired of seeing beautiful wedding cakes. When I found Superfine Bakery, I found some couture like cakes. Their cakes are definitely show pieces.

Tan and Black Macaron Mod Wedding Cake.

Vibrant Yellow and Pink Hydrangea Cake. Perfect for a summer wedding !

Light Green Beach Inspired Wedding Cake.


Eco Organic Wedding Flowers

I love organic flowers! They are perfect for a organic or rustic wedding. There are so many ways you can incorporate them into your wedding day. The great thing is they can be used again & again. The best way to use them is for bouquets & boutonnieres.

Organic Bridal…

Calla Lily Flowers – Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Calla Lily Flowers are putting a stamp on weddings. They have become a popular choice for stand alone flowers or for accents to other flowers. The great thing about Calla Lily Flowers is they are big so you don’t need alot of them. The most popular calla lily color is white….