Setting Stylish Standards

Trendy Bride serves as the muse for present-day brides who want to connect with the foremost resource on all the fashion, artistic wonder and excitement of marrying in the 21st century. The luxurious detail and first-rate style of Trendy Bride’s readers, contributors, and advertisers make it the quintessential high-end wedding guide of today through both an online blog and a biannual magazine.

Daily blog posts deliver imaginative concepts and real wedding experiences. Submitted straight from vendors, these posts take brides and their loved ones directly inside the stories and styles of today’s hottest looks, ideas, and experiences. The content is compelling and the reach continues to grow. It’s because of this following that Trendy Bride Magazine has found a spot on bookshelves, coffee tables, and mobile devices around the world.

Trendy Bride Magazine is accessible to brides everywhere, in both print and online. With real weddings from around the world, inspirational styled shoots, and unique relationship milestones captured on camera, the publication is a beautiful compilation of everything trendy about today’s matrimonial events. Trendy Bride Magazine showcases it all – from the engagement photo to the couple’s wedding exit.

“A trendy bride is a bride who looks for something new and unique to add to her wedding. We want to provide ideas and inspiration to our readers around the world and help them create the wedding of their dreams.” – Michelle Butler, Owner

Photo by: Milton Photography

Photo by: Milton Photography

Inspiration & Fashion

Trendy Bride Magazine offers an array of relevant and beguiling content for today’s modern bride. Our real weddings span the globe, affording readers of the magazine and blog the experience of fascinating weddings in luxurious, regal, and charming locations. Along with weddings, we include real couples celebrating beautiful engagement shoots and anniversary photo sessions which display the beauty of love no matter the season.

Trendy Bride also stays well-informed of the latest bridal fashions, accessories and designer collections. Trendy Bride aims to showcase the best and boldest, the feminine and fun, and sweet and sophisticated all in one place. As every bride has a different taste and style, Trendy Bride offers a wide selection of articles and photo spreads of the latest and greatest in bridal fashion, each and every major season.

Trendy Bride offers its readers decor details, engagement photo ideas, and style concepts that are refreshing and original. We affords readers the chance to embrace and create their dream wedding experience, before, during and even after the big day.


Circulation & Distribution

We understand that distribution should be a top priority for any publication. That's why we diversify where Trendy Bride goes to ensure the highest possible reach.

Trendy Bride Magazine hits newsstands once a year with our Fall/Winter issue. The Fall/Winter issue debuts in November and runs until May. This coincides perfectly with the trends of the season, as well as new designs hitting the runway.

Twenty thousand copies are distributed through Barnes & Noble bookstores in upscale retail locations across the United States. The print cover price is $6.50

Trendy Bride has partnered with several bridal shows across the country to get its publication directly into the hands of brides, including New York Bridal Market, The Wedding Salon, The Big Fake Wedding, and more. You can also find Trendy Bride Magazine in select bridal salons, jewelers, and wedding venues across North Carolina and surrounding states.



Advertise with Elegant Edge

Our business is to inspire trendy brides all over the world; your business is to connect with them. Trendy Bride Magazine offers unmatched exposure with its exclusive full-size ad space layout. There are also creative options to advertise on Trendybride.net.

Be assured your ads will receive maximum attention nestled amidst beautiful pictures and captivating content with a clean look and high visibility. With its increased reach in the wedding marketplace, an ad in Trendy Bride Magazine or on Trendybride.net can create endless opportunities, or, shall we say – happily ever afters.

All print ads include a one-year Vendor Guide listing on Trendybride.net.

Ad Design is included with all ads. You must provide us with high resolution images and a company logo.

Please, provide a 1/8” bleed for all ads.

Ad Specifications

• Ideally artwork will arrive as high-resolution print-ready PDFs / TIFFs / JPEGs.

• All artwork must be NO LESS than 300dpi in CMYK.

• Dimensions: 8.375” x 10.375”

• Please, email artwork to michelle@trendybride.net and compress files using ZIP or Dropbox.

Ad Deadlines

- Fall/Winter 2018 Issue: October 15, 2018


Payment Options

- Pay in full and receive a 5% discount

- Pay 50% down and pay remaining balance over four months

First time advertisers must have advertisement paid in full by the ad deadline. We accept all major credit cards and checks.

All advertisements are subject to publisher’s approval.


Addressing the Audience

Trendy Bride has a growing reach across the United States, with over 509,000 page views to the online blog. 

Trendy Bride has over 85,000 followers on Instagram and usage continues to flourish each month, along with a burgeoning social media presence on
Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter.

Trendy Bride’s core audience is comprised of 85% female and 15% male readers between the ages of 25 and 35

Sixty five percent of Trendy Bride’s readers are mobile/tablet users.


Trendy Bride Online Ad Opportunities

All advertisements are featured exclusively on Trendybride.net. Posts and contests are also shared through social media.

Trendy Bride has over 100,000 Instagram followers, 16,000 Facebook fans, 6,000 Pinterest followers, and 1,500 Twitter followers.


Payment Options

- Pay in full and receive a 5% discount

- Pay 50% down and pay remaining balance over four months

First time advertisers must have advertisement paid in full by the ad deadline.

We accept all major credit cards and checks.

All advertisements are subject to publisher’s approval.


To advertise with Trendy Bride online or in print, email michelle@trendybride.net or use the contact form

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