Handmade Christmas Ornaments _ 12 days of Christmas Day 1

Christmas is a time to celebrate love, family and togetherness. Let’s face it. Ornaments and lights evoke the feelings of the season. But when they have carols or messages it makes the feelings even stronger. ? If you decide to get married on or around December 25, ornaments are a wonderful way to celebrate your union on your special day and year after year. At the reception, you can give your guests handmade ornaments as favors. This is one favor that will not be thrown in a corner but used again and again. What a wonderful way to express the feelings of the season.
Shabby Chic Handmade Hope,Joy,Peace & Love Ornaments via Lyndi Art
Handmade Crochet Ornaments via Peaqo
Handmade Hymn Rag balls via Quotes & Notes
Handmade Acorn Christmas Ornament via Anthera Design
Handmade Felt Christmas Ornament via Stuffed Nonsense 
Handmade Fabric Christmas Ornament via Alex Mcquade