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Writing Wedding Vows from The Heart

Writing Wedding Vows from The Heart

Writing Wedding Vows from The Heart.

Some couples opt to recite vows others have said for a thousand years, while some prefer to write their own vows straight from the heart. And no matter how much you love and adore the other person, those feelings can be difficult to put down on paper. By taking some time to really dive in to the experience, you’ll be so glad you made this one part of your wedding as personalized as possible.


First and foremost, don’t wait until the last minute. This is not something you want to do the night before or even the morning of your ceremony. They’re your wedding vows. They deserve some extra thought and attention.

Talk to your fiancé about their vows. Make sure you both have the same expectations and are taking roughly the same approach. Sure, your fiancé may be more humorous or less talkative but that doesn’t mean that you both don’t have meaningful things to say.

Make sure your officiant knows about your vows. When you enlist the help of your officiant, share your desire to write your own vows so they know how to incorporate that into the ceremony. This may also mean you need an extra mic or two depending on the location.

If you don’t know where to start, write down all the things you love about the person, your favorite memories or your hopes for the future. That should get the ideas flowing. And if you’re truly stuck on what to write, ask your friends what they wrote or research online. This will inspire you to think about how you feel and exactly what you want to say. No one expects Shakespeare-level prose. If your words are genuine and authentic, they’ll mean more than the prettiest poetry or the sweetest song.

Make a few drafts. It’s okay to write your vows, throw them away and start all over. It’s okay to write them 10 times. They’re your vows. Make them as perfect or imperfect as you want.

Write the final version down somewhere special. These days, a lot of couples opt for personalized vow books or unique pieces of paper they can frame later. By keeping your vows somewhere special, you are gifting your future self with a unique, sentimental keepsake.

Practice! By no means do you have to memorize your vows. But practicing them in front of a mirror or even your pet, it will help you get the flow and make sure they sound exactly as you want them to. You may realize you missed a few important points or you want to add a little more. Just don’t forget an “I love you” somewhere in there for good measure.

If you’re writing vows from the heart, you want your fiancé to feel it when you recite them. Remember: this is the most intimate conversation you will ever have with another person. Make it count. Give it the respect it deserves. And no matter what, make sure you believe and trust in everything you say and every promise you make.

Photo by: Lance Nicoll

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