Wright City Missouri Wedding by Sarah Crowder Photography

There are numerous reasons why you select a certain venue. It could be the location. It could be the food. It could even be the amenities. When Chelessa and Bryan got married in Wright City, Missouri at the Cedars Lake Cellars, it provided the perfect backdrop for their fall nuptials. It is amazing how selecting the right location will allow the creative juices to start flowing. Your imagination will run freely and you will be able to plan an amazing day. Chelessa wore a gorgeous chiffon gown. She wore a very distinctive veil. Her jewelry was right on point. Her shoes were white flats with jewels on the front. They were cute and absolutely matched the colors in the bouquet. Her groom wore black which complemented her colors well. She had a bouquet of bright fall colors. It was very festive.  They all had brightly colored jewels as well. rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-3 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-25 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-7 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-26 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-9 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-10 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-4 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-5 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-27 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-8 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-6 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-28 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-11 rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-12

The bridesmaids and the groomsmen also wore black. The bridesmaids had shawls in colors to brighten up their ensembles. They also had the beautiful bouquets like the bride.

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At the reception, it had some unique touches. The guests found their table seating on leaves that were placed on a picket fence. The centerpieces were cactus plants with different colored lanterns. Unique other affairs, they played poker and smoked cigars. They also used the greenery on the grounds to accentuate their decor.

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The cake was absolutely amazing. It was not white and was mulit tiered with flowers. It was just another unique aspect to these nuptials.

rustic-wright-city-missouri-real-wedding-blog-feature-23 rustic missouri wedding blog feature

Are you considering a having a theme around a season? Select a venue that will naturally fit this theme and your planning will be much easier. You can allow your imagination run freely and have the wedding of your dreams.

Photographer: Sarah Crowder Photography

Venue: Cedar Lakes