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Winter Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Winter Wedding Inspiration Shoot. Think that it is too cold in the winter to have a romantic wedding,well think again. Don't feel that you need to be stuck indoors, get on your coat and embrace cold. Just as trees and leaves provide a wonderful and natural backdrop in other seasons, snow can provide a romantic setting as well. Unfortunately, you can't stay outside too long in the winter but once you go indoors, take the same feeling with you. Your decor and how you entertain your guests are the perfect recipe for this. Treat your guests to hot chocolate and give them something to do. It is so relaxing to come in out of the cold and read or write. Why not do this at the reception as well? You can ask them to write notes to the bride and groom. It could be words of encouragement, congratulations or just simply personal jokes. You could also provide a holder for the notes such as the burlap sacks that are pictured. Once again, you want to bring the outside indoors so keep this in mind when you make your selection. You can also decorate getting inspiration from nature even though you are now indoors. See the twigs in the vases? You really feel that you are in a meadow glancing at them in the trees. Your desserts and treats should also evoke feelings of coming inside and sitting in front of the fireplace. What is more romantic than a couple nestled in front of the fireplace on a cold winter's night? Make your dream wedding romantic and intimate even though it is cold outside.

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Don't let the season limit your imagination for your big day. If you pay attention to the details, you can have an amazing wedding no matter what the weather is outside.

Photos By: Andrea Dozier

Winter Wedding Inspiration Shoot

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