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Wedding Updo Hairstyle Ideas

Wedding Updo Hairstyle Ideas

Wedding Updo Hairstyle Ideas. A bride can never have too many ideas when it comes to bridal updos. An updo is a stylish, more formal way to make your mane look great while having it off your face. Plus, there are lots of options to add a dose of glamour to your do. Sweeping curls are pulled towards the back away from the crown for a lovely gathering at the nape of the neck. This low style is great for any bride, whether she chooses to wear a veil or not. Small tendril curls in the front and the delicate placement of a flower adds a soft touch of sweetness to the bride's look.

via Lexia Frank Photography

Clean and classic is the best way to describe this style. The bride’s side bangs are combed over with a beaded highlight right above her ear. With a little bit of volume at the crown, her hair is pinned up in curls in the back, which helps secure her veil for a timeless expression.

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Embellished headbands are a beautiful option making its way through the bridal industry. This auburn-haired beauty wears her hair twisted down the sides and wrapped up in a beautiful low technique that looks elegant and sophisticated.

via Marissa Lambert

Another headband option includes this statement headband with strands of beading. It stands out against the bride's dark hair. Her bangs are swept to the side and she is given a little volume while the rest of her hair is gathered behind in simple fashion.

via Erich Mcvey

For a girl who doesn't have bangs, a generous bump at the crown makes a statement. This bride has a style featuring large tight curls and clean sweeping strands around the back. She accessorizes with a beaded flower comb for a touch of sparkle.

via Abby Jiu

This bride's look channels the beauty of the 1920s. The dainty headband is the focal point for her side-swept style. Her bangs are curled up under the headband, as the rest of her hair is pulled to the side, curled and secured in place. No other accessory is needed for this updo!

via Angel Canary Photography

Updos don't have to be tight or controlled. Large loose curls can be loosely held in place while a petite headband keeps the strands in front where they should be. The longer hair in the back is curled tighter and brought to relatively the same length as the front. This is a perfect style for a Bohemian beauty or for the rustic and romantic.

via U Me Us Studios

For a bride with high style, this updo will certainly satisfy. The bride's hair is combed upward and pulled towards the crown, with tight curls sitting at the top. Instead of a veil, she wears a statement comb in the back that is mesmerizing and perfect with her delicate earrings and necklace.

via Pierre Olivier Photography

The hairstyle you choose for your big day is a personal statement about who you are and what you feel makes the best version of you. Choosing a wedding updo hairstyle for your wedding exudes timeless elegance. No matter if it's more traditional or trendy, it can only add to your already beautiful bridal look.

Wedding Updo Hairstyle ideas.

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