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Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives. The typical wedding guest book is simply a collection of signatures. You will know who attended your wedding. After your big day, you will store it away never to be seen again. But don't you want something a little bit more? Don't you want something that will give you reason to pull it out again and again to help you remember your nuptials? Well, we have some modern twists of this standard tradition.

This nautical wedding guest book alternative is perfect for the bride getting married near the ocean. Some call this the message in the bottle. All of your friends and family can leave sweet words or advice for you. On your one year Anniversary you crack the bottle open and read what they wrote. Or you can change the rules by making it your own but whatever you decide this is a great guest book alternative.

Our favorite is the one where your guests participate by more than just signing their name. They have to look on the board and find their their name. They then have to replace the name with a polaroid picture of themselves. You can look at this years later and see what they looked like on your special day. What a great treasure.
If you just want your guests to sign, look at the suggestion for the family tree or the 3D heart display. They can both be hung in your home to be admired for years to come.
wedding guest book alternative
via Etsy
There is also a 3d butterfly guest book idea that can be really neat to hang in your home.
via Pinterest
Wedding Photo Guest Book Puzzle.
Buy your favorite painting or photo that has alot of white space around the outside and borders. Then have your guests sign all around the middle. If you're getting married in New York, then you can get a photo of the cityscape.
This is such a personal guest book alternative. You can have your guests leave their thumb print with you and then hang it when it's complete.

guest book alternative

via Sloan Photographers

No matter what you decide, don't just simply think you have no choice but to go with the norm. When considering your guest book, let your imagination and creativity help you select something that you will look at in the future. Why not choose something that will be a true memory of your wedding day.

These alternative guestbooks are so cute !

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

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