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Wedding Dress Backs Part I

Dress Backs Part I. It's easy to focus attention on the front of a wedding gown. Designers take such great care to make exquisite designs that look stunning coming down the aisle. But more and more, it's the back of the dress that makes the statement.

A sheer back with cap sleeves is cinched closed with silk buttons. An embroidered scalloped design brings the eyes to the center of the back. The sheer shows a low back peeking through, with thin spaghetti straps, as well.

back of wedding dress

via Averyhouse

A stunning ruched design starts at the shoulders and plummets in a deep V. Covering the back and the shoulders is an intricate, beautiful design of beading. The slight sparkle and tiny bit of sheer fabric is delicate and divine. A bride can wear her hair up to really show off the stunning back of this gown.

back of wedding dress

via Em The Gem

Almost too dainty to touch, this back is absolutely elegant. A completely sheer panel is embellished with fabric roses and embroidery, framing the bride's back. The fabric cuts off at the shoulder and small strands of beads are gathered across the upper arm for a stunning finish.

back of wedding dress

via Jen Rodriguez

The back of the gown can also be a canvas for a stunning piece of art. This bride is wearing a picture-perfect gown, complete with embroidery of butterflies, flowers and leaves “ all in soft pastel colors! The images stand out with the flower-lined edges and the sheer fabric.

back of wedding dress

via Joseba Sandoval

A modern bride can get in on the back trend, too. This bride shows off the simple but sophisticated back of her gown with a flirty 1920s updo. A small white bow sits at the top of her shoulders and a thin white straps runs down the center of her back.

back of wedding dress

via Michelle Boyd Photography

A classic look is this sheer lace back. The large lace flowers are placed perfectly on the fabric. The entire design looks perfectly polished with a line of silk buttons down the spine.

back of wedding dress

via The Nolan's

A keyhole back is a design in demand. The high neck of this gown is attractive with a simple silk button. The sleeveless lace fabric opens up in the back before meeting with the bodice of the dress. The leafy print is a tasteful modern approach to the classic look of lace.

back of wedding dress

via When He Found Her

You can find a dress that looks just as amazing coming down the aisle as it does after I do. Style your hair in a gorgeous updo and turn your back onto fashion!

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