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Wedding Day Emotion

Wedding Day Emotion. Wedding days are emotional for everyone involved. No matter how stressful or chaotic the day might be, it's always important to take a step back and remember the big picture.

Most brides are fearful of crying for messing up their makeup or their pictures. The truth is: getting emotional can only make your photos better. It allows the photographer to capture the true feeling of the day and the whole reason you and your loved ones are there.

wedding day emotion

via Emerald Isle Wedding Photographers


It's those rare moments where you're blotting your eyes, cupping your mouth or embracing your flower girl that makes for the best photos. Let go and enjoy the party.


The enormous love and emotion is the whole reason you're there with your spouse, celebrating your relationship and union with those you cherish most in the world.


You won't look bad or unkempt. Instead, you'll resemble a bride who's excited and thrilled to be getting married.

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No matter how overwhelming, enjoy every moment and embrace the day for what it is: an emotion-filled celebration.

Last 5 Photos by: J&R Photography Location: Hudson, New York

wedding day emotion

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