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Walnut Creek Ohio Real Wedding by Style Life Photography

Most of the time when a bride considers having a truly traditional wedding, there is a lot of detail and planning to make everything very elegant. Usually themes are not blended. When Sharon and Josh got married in Walnut Creek, Ohio, it was definitely classic and elegant but they also had a theme throughout the day. Believe it or not, it was green apples. This was very unique and different and it made their day even more special. They got married at the Walnut Creek Mennonite Church. It was very traditional as you gazed down the aisle at the couple as they exchanged their vows. There were simple decorations at the end of each pew. modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-5 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-6 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-4 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-7 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-19 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-8  modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-9 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-26

The bride and groom were dressed in traditional attire. Sharon was stunning in her gown. It had capped sleeves and the detail of the dress was amazing. Her groom had on a black suit but then the color began.

modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-11 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-10 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-27

He wore a blue tie as did his groomsmen. The bridesmaid were really dressed for the secondary theme since their dresses were lime green. They all blended in so well with the decor. The boutonnieres for the gentlemen all had greenery to add to the theme. Sharon wore sliver shoes which also were an excellent choice for this color combination.

modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-28 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-12 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-13 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-14 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-15 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-16 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-17 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-18

The reception really blended the themes well. The place settings were classic with the sliver platters and napkins. But there were added touches that made unique and different. First of all, they had glasses with green apples in them. It really made the tables look fantastic. You had an elegant room and all of this splash of color. They also had glasses that resembled mint julep drinks which also fit the theme very well. The programs for the day were also different since it had a black and white picture of Sharon and Josh on the cover. The centerpieces weren't large bunches of flowers but greenery with small white buds.

modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-25  modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-21 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-2 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-3 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-29 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-23

But of course what is a wedding without the cake. They once again blended traditional, classic and modern. Their cake was three tiers but they were squares and not circular. There was a simple applique of silver along the edges. It was stunning even though it did not have all of the flowers and other decorations.

modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-20  modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-30 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-31 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-22 modern-walnut-creek-ohio-real-weddings-trendy-bride-32 modern weddings

If you have ideas for your wedding but they seem to fit more than one theme, why not blend them? It can be done as tastefully and beautifully as Josh and Sharon did. Just don't overdo it and add simple elements to combine your ideas and you can have an incredible wedding day.

Photographer:  Style Life Photography

Venue: Walnut Creek Mennonite Church

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