Vintage Penang Malaysia Styled Wedding Shoot

While many couples choose to capture their special day as simple photography, such photos can become art with the right photographer. The use of different media, film and camera equipment creates a stunning visual that is truly unique. Jason and Sherry are not only a stunning couple on their own, but their wedding photographs take on the essence of art. Penang, where the couple took their photos, featured a lovely blend of old charm and modern touches – and the photographer knew just the right places to take Jason and Sherry. penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-20 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-8 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-9 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-10 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-12

Using black and white film in some of the pictures created a perfect, timeless look. Sherry looked stunning in her wedding dress with the marina as a backdrop. The photographer used interesting locations to create one-of-a-kind pictures that the couple will surely love for decades to come

penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-13 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-14 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-15 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-16 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-17 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-18 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-19 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-11 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-2 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-3 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-22 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-21 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-25 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-24

The color images were equally as beautiful – Jason and Sherry looked so happy in each of their photographs! Sherry changed into a lovely asian traditional dress, which complemented the location wonderfully.

penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-5 penang-malaysia-vintage-wedding-shoot-trendy-bride-6 malaysia weddings

The rustic, age-old locations and stunning lighting options added a beautiful contrast to Jason and Sherry’s photographs and the pieces became art rather than simply wedding photos.

Photographer:  thegaleria//Dress Designer: La Mariee Wedding House//Dress Designer: Lai Chan//