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Lenox Wedding China Collection

Lenox Wedding China Collection. There was a time when a wedding was the event of the year. Everyone wore their finest clothes and they ate the best food. They even had china that was used only on special occasions. If you want to capture that feeling on your special day why not consider using Lenox tableware for your festivities? It will definitely let your guests feel that you pulled out all of the stops for this affair. After all, this is china that has been used at the White House, embassies around the world and pieces are displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Let's look at the sample table setting. The china is beautifully displayed with the matching cloth napkins, flowers and  candles. It definitely allows you to take a step back in time as you picture a classic, elegant wedding from yesteryear. Using this china will take your decor to another level.

The detailed decoration on the tableware is simply magnificent. You could imagine someone taking the time to paint it by hand. The "Autumn" design which was originally introduced in 1918 is still one of the company's most popular designs. It combines beautiful floral motifs and the  colors of autumn flowers. There are also more than 400 enamel "dots" which are applied by are hand to form a floral and fruit basket design. The ivory china is then finished with a gold band. The company which opened in 1889 has not lost of the vision of the company's founder, Walter Scott Lenox. He combined his talent for drawing and his fascination with clay to start his own business."It is my will and desire that Lenox, Incorporated shall at all times manufacture the highest grades of porcelain, that the standard of excellence already attained shall ever be advanced...."Walter Scott Lenox The company continued to evolve but never compromised on the quality of its product. It added hand blown glass to its collection in 1966 and in 1972, they developed Temperware which allowed you to take the china from the freezer to the oven or microwave safely. After they started manufacturing flatware in 1991, it became the first American company to offer a complete tabletop. Lenox has come a long way from its humble beginnings and the dream of its founder. If you choose Lenox tableware for your wedding, it will simply be extraordinary. It will be modern yet classic. This definitely will be a winning combination and will create memories of a lifetime.

Lenox Wedding China : Lenox/ Photography: NC Wedding Photographers

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