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Vintage Inspired Butler Longhorn Museum Texas Bridal Portraits

Bridal sessions are all about the bride. She gets to wear her beautiful gown and walk around as the photographer takes pictures. This is your chance to be a model. Choose your venue wisely because it will affect the versatility of your shots. Ciara was able to get amazing shots because she was captured in different poses with various backdrops. Ciara's gown is magnificent. She poses and peeks over her shoulder. She has the shot of her as she turns her head or the one as she peeks through the veil. She sits and she stands. veil over bride's face vintage bridal portraits vintage bridal portraits beautiful bridal portraits in texas

The backdrops also provide more variety. She is in front of the house. She is on the wooden bridge. She is in the house. If is almost as though she is taking the pictures at different venues.

bridal portraits on bridge bridal portraits at house nighttime bridal portrait

As you can see from this bridal session, it is definitely more just a bride standing in her gown. The various poses and backdrops provide a wonderful variety of pictures. Choose the right setting and you can be a model like Ciara during your bridal portrait session.

Photographer:  CivicPhotos

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