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Vintage Club at Hillbrook Chagrin Falls Ohio Real Wedding

Everyone has an idea of what they want on their wedding day even if all of the details are not worked out. Greta wanted vintage. When she got married to Kevin in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, she had a little help from her family to make her dream come true. They tied the knot at a chic location but definitely were able to pull vintage off as well. z-media-chagrin-falls-ohio-weddings-trendy-bride-blog z-media-chagrin-falls-ohio-weddings-trendy-bride-blog-2 z-media-chagrin-falls-ohio-weddings-trendy-bride-blog-26 ohio-real-weddings z-media-chagrin-falls-ohio-weddings-trendy-bride-blog-3

On the surface the venue choice does not seem to match. But when you learn its history as well as her ideas for the day, they go hand in hand. They tied the knot first at a modern church that they dressed up with vintage decor.

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Her outfit was a combination of vintage and chic. She had a gorgeous gown that had an incredible skirt but she work bracelets that were definitely vintage. She did not wear a long veil or have a fancy hairdo. Her groom wore a suit and tie.

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The reception was held at The Club at Hillbrook, which was built on lands purchased in 1919 by the late Edmund Burke Jr. He was inspired by a 40 room Tutor mansion in Kent, England which was built in 1472. The mansions have hardwood woodwork which are carved from more than 50 acres of black walnut and maple woodlands. This was not the only woodwork at Greta and Kevin's nuptials.

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Their cake also unbelievable. It was four tiers and had etching on the sides to make it look very unusual. The topper was also unique.

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Greta's brother made the table numbers and signs out of wood from old barns and also decorated the sanctuary where they were married. Her father restored an Jaguar which made its made maiden voyage for the wedding. How special it that?

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Want to go vintage but not all of the way? Well, take tips from Greta and Kevin. You can include some elements of vintage but since have a modern, traditional wedding. Details are the key to pulling this off.

Photographer:  Z MEDIA | Venue: The Club at Hillbrook

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