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Valentine's Day Engagement Session

Nothing is more romantic than pictures at the beach. Just seeing a couple in the sand with the back drop of the ocean, it simply says that these people are in love. An engagement session at the beach is perfect to reflect your love. As you look into your partner's eyes with the setting of the water and the sand, it will show how much you are in love. This is a time that you want to capture to remember years later. It is a special time in your lives and you want to preserve the feeling with pictures.You would also use props to make it even more fun. In these pictures they are using cut out hearts. As they use them in various poses, you can see their joy which allows you to see their love. It is simple but it really gets them to relax and produce wonderful memories.

When planning your engagement session, be creative. You can use the setting, you can use props. But the most important thing is to relax and have fun. Getting married can be very stressful but these pictures need to reflect why you are getting married in the first place. You are in love and you have found your life partner.

Photography: Shay Cochraine

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