Valentine's Day Cupcakes from Peggy Porschen

The Peggy Porschen Parlour in London’s Belgravia unveils its latest cake creations to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Inspired by romance, passion and unadulterated indulgence, Peggy and her team of award winning pastry chefs, patissiers and master-bakers have combined expertise to create two new flavours to lust after.

Strawberry and Champagne

Decadent Vanilla sponge infused with champagne syrup, filled with Peggy’s handmade Strawberry & Champagne preserve and topped with pink Marc de Champagne frosting and glittering love hearts.

Chocolate Raspberry Kiss

Rich dark chocolate sponge baked with a fresh raspberry heart at the centre and topped with silky smooth milk chocolate frosting

Why not say it with cake this year with Valentine’s Cupcakes priced at £3.50 each, available to pre-order for collection online at Peggy Porschen.

I love the packaging ! Super cute cupcakes for Valentine's day!