Using Wheat Bouquets For a Fall Wedding

If you are planning an outdoorsy wedding, you may want to consider a unique bouquet. There are only a few flowers that can fit perfectly in this type of atmosphere. We have a suggestion. Why not use wheat instead of flowers? It would blend in with the surroundings and actually stand out because of its uniqueness. Here are a few examples of how it can be done. fall wedding bouquet

via Amanda K Photography

First let's look at the bouquet with simply wheat. See how the stalks flair out at the top just like flower buds. You could decorate it with a ribbon the color of decor.

wheat wedding bouquet


via Anna Sawin Photography

Next, you would spice it with other items and tie it with twine. It could have a longer stem to make it even more rustic almost like a broom.

via Gypsy Tree Photography

If you really want to be simple, you could just hold the wheat in your hands without much to hold it together.

wheat wedding bouquet

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Flowers are always nice for bouquets and you could always choose to mix in small or large flowers to give it more fullness and variety.

fall wedding bouquet

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wheat wedding bouquet

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As you can see, wheat is not just for eating. It is now a part of wedding decor. You can be creative to use something so simple and make it into a work of art. If you are planning more of an outdoor/rustic wedding, continue your deviation from the norm and consider a bouquet of wheat with or without flowers. It will definitely make your wedding ensemble complete.