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Urban Nashville Engagement Session

Urban Nashville engagement session. Imagine where you first fell in love with your significant other. How wonderful would it be to take your engagement photos at that very spot? That’s exactly what Lauren and Jimmy did. After attending the same college in Florida, as well as having mutual friends, these two never met until they both landed in Nashville. After meeting in Downtown Nashville, they decided to take engagement photos at the very place they fell in love. The day was deliciously comfortable and the sun was soft but bright. Lauren wore a dark green lace dress with a vintage-inspired necklace. Jimmy kept it cool and casual with dark jeans, a button down shirt, navy tie, and gray jacket.

engagement engagement

It’s undeniably adorable how Jimmy leans down for a kiss from Lauren.


Lauren places her hand on Jimmy’s chest and the photographer grabs a great shot of her ring. Lauren also flashes a warm and genuine smile – something often seen from both her and Jimmy throughout the shoot.


These two look comfortable and natural photographing together. Jimmy has no problem showing just how much in love with Lauren he is!


This beautiful archway spills over with fall leaves, creating a breathtaking backdrop for these two as they hold hands.


They take a few poses but ultimately, Jimmy grabs his girl and lifts her up for another delightful photo.

engagement engagement

As the sun begins to set, they take one last shot before making an outfit change. They find an immaculate wall that proliferates the sunlight even more for a radiant shot.

enagagement engagement

They harness their casual style for the next part of the shoot as they cross the street just like they would on any given day. Lauren wears leather boots with a heel, burgundy tights, and a white zipper sweater. Jimmy sports a long sleeve button down with a gray vest and jeans.


The Nashville skyline begins to come into focus as the two pause and take a seat. From the front, one can see Lauren’s fabulous scarf, as well.


Jimmy and Lauren embrace in the last few photos while the pedestrian bridge is seen in the distance, a spot we’re sure they frequent on their many jaunts in the city.

enagagement engagement engagement

Jimmy and Lauren have probably made a million memories in Nashville since first meeting. But now, they’ve made a few more that they can look back on forever, to remind them of where it all began.

Photography: Amy Nicole Photograph Location: Downtown Nashville, TN

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