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Unique Placeholder and Seating Cards

When it comes to setting out placeholder or seating cards, it’s the perfect place to let your creativity shine! There are no limits to what you can use to accompany seating cards, or even how you place cards at your guest’s seats during the reception. Creating a unique look adds that special touch to your reception and creates a fun environment for your guests. As a couple, use this opportunity to show off your interests or hobbies – seating cards and placeholders can be anything you want and always fit your budget!

via Project Wedding Love wine or traveling to wineries? Share it with your guests by simply tying together four wine corks with a neutral-colored ribbon and placing the seating card between the corks. If you travel the world as a couple, use a small replica of your favorite attraction in a destination to serve as placeholders – think the Eiffel Tower – it’s elegant and guests will love to take it home.

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Simple touches such as a jar of honey or jam is perfect for a placeholder card – and guests can make use of the item.

Cardstock with beautiful ribbon is a beautiful option for any style wedding – or use something fun like beach chair shaped cards topped off with paper umbrellas for a coastal or summer wedding!

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via Pinterest

Ruffle + Ribbon Wedding Cakes

Ruffle + Ribbon Wedding Cakes

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