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Unique Place Cards

Unique Place Cards

Unique place cards can ‘wow’ your guests as soon as they find their seats. There are many inventive ways to tie in the theme of your day with this most personal detail. Small wooden cards etched with names in golden script are the perfect mix between rustic and elegant.


via KT Merry

Take it a step further with a uniquely shaped wooden card tied with a pink ribbon. This makes for a lovely display with the cards attached to a frame or board.


via Emily Scott

If your wedding is all about botanical beauty, broken pieces of clay pots are an ingenious place card option. Just pretty them up with white calligraphy to make your guests’ names truly pop.


via Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography

A trend gaining popularity is the use of agate. These mesmerizing stones look impeccable for a blue and white wedding, especially with a coastal theme.


via Elyse Hall Photography

One adorable idea is to use boy and girl silhouettes. Write your guests’ names on these paper cards for a fun and lighthearted display.


via Kate Osborne Photo

A watercolor-inspired card adds an artistic touch guests will admire. Use shades of your wedding colors for seamless style at your reception.


via Anna Tereshina Photography

If nature is your muse and it’s warm outside, pluck a few waxy magnolia leaves to adorn your place settings. Gold ink is a stylish way to pen the name of your guest on each hearty green leaf.


via Kyle John Photography

Also, experiment with how you incorporate your place cards into the place settings. This rustic-inspired set-up includes a piece of a wooden slat tied around a napkin for a charming presentation.


via Natalie Watson

These days a place card can be anything - not just a card. Use your wedding vibe to think outside the card box and incorporate a new way to help guests find their seats.

unique place cards

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