Unique Garters From The Garter Girl

Isn't the garter just a part of the wedding attire? Do you have to give much thought to it? Well, we think you should consider all of your options since it will be seen by all of your guests. The tradition of tossing the garter dates back to fourteenth-century France. They considered pieces of the bride's attire lucky, and guests would rip off pieces of her gown. To fight them off, the bride would throw them her garter! In modern times, her groom does it for her to fend off all those reception guests. Legend holds that the lucky bachelor who gets the garter will be next to get hitched.


As you can see from the pictures, they come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose a simple lace one or one that is more fancy like the garter with the flower. No matter which one you select, remember it is a part of your attire.Pick the one that fits your wedding theme and have fun.

Garters via The Garter Girl