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Unique Circular Aisles for Wedding Ceremony

While seated rows are a traditional option for the wedding ceremony, one beautiful way to break tradition for an outdoor wedding is to create a circular aisle! There are a few benefits to a circular aisle – aside from the stunning visual. First, there is no bad seat! Every person who witnesses your walk down the aisle has a perfect seat and there is no stress determining which family members sits closer to the bride and groom. circular aisle

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Once you and your groom are ready to say your vows, you will feel enveloped by the love of those who surround you – the center aisle literally wraps around the two of you! Use any style seating that fits the feel of your wedding – rose petals add color to the aisle instead of a traditional runner.

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If you donÂ’t want a wraparound aisle, circular seating arrangements are as equally beautiful and still offer that intimate experience between the couple and guests.

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