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Two Tier Wedding Cakes

Two Tier Wedding Cakes

Two tier wedding cakes are ideal for smaller weddings but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the details. These two-tier wedding cake designs span the spectrum from simple to sophisticated, minimalist to modern. And prove that you can have your two-tier cake and eat it, too.

This contemporary style features geometric, metallic bands across the top tier. The second tier includes a brushed-silver design with a standout floral embellishment.


Charming all around, this two-tier cake is for buttercream lovers. Its swirling design includes pearl bands and the strategic placement of delicate pink flowers.


Literally dripping in sweetness, this two-tier cake features a casual coating of buttercream followed by generous ganache. It’s topped with real flowers for a pop of color.


Another modern design features crisp fondant-covered tiers in a geometric mix of pink and gold. What’s most unique about this confection is its combination of white flowers and sugar crystals in the center.


Minimalist cakes make a statement, too. With gold leaf and marbled fondant, this two-tier creation is light, airy and sophisticated.


This chic wedding cake features crisp white tiers with slim black fondant bands around the tops. Small embellishments of white flowers and delicate greenery make it a timeless addition to any reception.


Sometimes, less truly is more. This two-tier cake is loosely covered in thick buttercream and simply topped with assorted roses and hypericum berries.


Two-tier wedding cakes can be over-the-top or understated. If you find a design you love that’s vastly more than you need, talk to your baker or cake artist about scaling it back to fit your needs. Big or small, it’s all about the details.

Credits Top To Bottom: Lucy Munoz | Erin Wilson Photography | Tec Petaja | The Grovers | Momento Cativo | Christine Clark | Abby Jiu Photography

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