Trendy Nautical Wedding Cake Ideas

Trendy Nautical Wedding Cake Ideas. Each aspect of your wedding should reflect your theme. If you are planning a beach wedding or just love the water, why not consider a nautical wedding cake? There are many different ways that this can be reflected and we have some great ideas for you.

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You could have a traditional cake and just use nautical colors of yellow and blue as trim or even flowers. It would definitely fit your theme but not be too over the top. We have other selections that are a little more elaborate if you want something more fancy.

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If you are looking for something with more details, you could consider the design with the life preserver or even the one with the anchor. These are great choices if one or both of you are in the Navy.

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We just want to show you that your cake can make a statement on your wedding day. Your choices for each element of your nuptials should fit together and tell a story. Whether you go simple or elaborate, include your cake design in your plans. Remember, your cake is the centerpiece of the reception so don't just settle for any cake. Choose a design that will complement the rest of your day.  Enjoy.