Trendy Naked Wedding Cakes Part III

Trendy Naked Wedding Cakes Part III.

There are so many options to explore when it comes to naked wedding cakes. Not only does the garnish shine but so do the layers, which are normally hidden under frosting. Using berries is a great way to add a pop of color. In this cake, the baker incorporated blackberries into the layers, as well as the garnish. Chocolate cake layers with flavored buttercream show tiny peeks of blackberries nestled in between. The top tier of the cake is slimmer and the tops of each tier are covered in blackberries, blueberries and figs  perfect for fall!


Who needs frosting when you have flowers? This two-tier cake features dark layers and light buttercream but the stunning additions make it truly captivating. A dripping of golden icing from a scripted cake topper covers the top with bright roses and a perfect pink peony anchoring the side.

via Kate Osborne Photography

Some cake artists choose to leave the frosting of their naked cakes natural and untouched. But cleanly frosting the layers can produce a seamless, polished look. This three-tier cake has white frosting between the layers and each tier is dusted with powdered sugar. It's embellished with natural greenery and white flowers.

via Jacqui Cole

The frosting detail in this cake is exquisite. Two chocolate tiers are held together with layers of white frosting piped in beautiful pearls. The top is covered with pale pink garden roses. What a pretty and perfect cake!

via Nicole Wasko

Because naked wedding cakes are so striking on their own, it doesn't take a lot to turn them into eye-catching creations. This simple one-tier design incorporates dark layers with white frosting. It is covered with a heaping dripping of chocolate ganache and topped with gold dusted pears.

via Cristina G Photography

For a more dramatic dessert, a dark three-tier cake is ideal. Layers of dark cake are held together with brown frosting (chocolate or espresso would be divine!) and each layer is garnished with a collection of seasonal berries: raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. To off-set the darker colors, the cake is dusted with sweet powdered sugar.

via L&L Style Photo

The cake's style is brought to life with a collection of berries and flowers. Four tiers feature layers of cake and casual white frosting. Raspberries and small golden berries offer pops of color, while white and black anemones and purple thistle balance it out. The cake is topped with a simple “Happily Ever After sign, which couldn't be more fitting.

via Marta Locklear

If you're a bride who would rather focus on the taste of her cake than an intricate design, choose a naked cake and incorporate the simple things you love about desserts. Fillings, icings, flowers and natural produce can create a look that is as tempting to the eyes as it is to the palette.