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Trendy Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

Trendy Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

Trendy Fall Wedding Cake Ideas.

If a fall wedding is in your future, embracing the season through the various elements of your day is fun. One way is to incorporate a fall-inspired cake for you and your guests to enjoy. Forget orange leaves and pumpkins, these designs take fall up a nosh. Fall produce is boldly colored and substantial. This three-tier dusty gray cake sits atop a vintage cake stand. The cake is wrapped with a golden vine ascending to the top. Along the base and sides is an array of flowers, succulents, berries and the interesting incorporation of pomegranates. The sweet fruit even serves as the cake topper.

via Betsi Ewing Studio

This beautiful art-deco design is spellbinding. Three square tiers are covered in white fondant and beautified with gold piping along the edges. The front features a neutral-colored geometric display. To break up the sharp edges, white garden roses, purple flowers and leaves are placed on the side and top for an elegant expression.

via Redfield Photography

A five-tier white cake looks traditional, classic and seamless. The tiers are covered with several layers of fondant. The stylist includes a confident pop of color with seasonal dark red chrysanthemums and light pink hypericum berries placed about the layers. The cake is topped with two white porcelain lovebirds.

via Kristi Wright Photography

A glamorous cake can come in the way of gold and sparkle. The base layer has dramatic rippled fondant that resembles the bottom of a dress. The top two layers are covered in gold fondant with black and crystal bands around each base. The cake is topped with three white sparkling flowers and a pair of silver spoons.

via Anna Delores Photography

Spice it up by having each layer look entirely different. The bottom layer of this three-tier cake has a white base with black chevron design. The middle tier is simply covered with peach fondant and topped with a collection of orange sugar flowers. The top is covered in black fondant and features adorable peach polka-dot fondant details.

via Awake Photography

A metallic gold is perfect for fall. This white cake is classic, yet chic with its generous gold details. Interestingly, the layers are different heights, with some being shorter than others. Topping each layer is the dripping of a collection of small gold-dusted dots. It's elegant and eccentric.

via Taylor Lord Photography

Fall can take on many forms when it comes to cakes. Ignite your creativity and think about what the season means to you. Express what you love about fall through a sweet, sweet canvas.

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